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Eartha Kitt teaching James Dean how to dance in the early 1950s
Who are you seeing? If you don't mind me asking. How do you feel about the modern youth culture?

A boy, he’s living in qld at the moment which is difficult but good because I’m not distracted too much during exams. He’s quite gorgeous and warm ahaha.
What do specifically mean by modern youth culture?

um hi i miss your face please return to my life!

My sweet it has been waaaaay too long!!! Ça va!?

How would you define a 'nice guy'? And what, specifically, are you most attracted to?

The most important thing, which I have only just realized after being with the guy in seeing now, is the ability to be your total self around someone without being judged and that’s what I personally believe mostly defines a nice guy.
And normally I go for someone who smiles a lot to be honest, and unfortunely this where my vanity kicks in they have to be my height or taller. Which is easy because I’m a midget.


suh cuuuuteeeeeeee

Baby Emma Watson

fernando farfán
Hmm well, what kind of cats do you prefer? And what kind of guys do you prefer?

Ummm any really, I’ve only ever had mix bred cats.
Guys I go for the nice guy, who I can have a conversation with and makes me laugh, and of course I have to be physically attracted to them. Not as in they have to be a Channing Tatum look-a-like but I believe there is an obvious need for attraction, but this also tied with personality. I’m rambling now so I’m going to shut up haha

Do you identify as a crazy cat woman because you foresee a lonely future? Also, what do you think of Emma Watson? You kind of look like her, in a way.

Perhaps, mostly because I’ve only ever had one year of my 18 years without a cat and it was my worst one haha. I looove Emma Watson she is gorgeous. I would turn for her legit. I wish I looked like her!!